NEW Custom form PS 2976-R vs PS 2976-B? : USPS - Reddit - From the website: PS Form 2976-R, USPS Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note, is a multi-ply, nonbarcoded hard copy customs declaration. EBooks ps 2976 b priority mail express international usps is available on PDF, ePUB and DOC format. Book Ps 2976 B Priority Mail Express. PS 2976-B, Priority Mail Express International. Ps 2976 - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller - Tajikistan - Postal Explorer: Note: For mailers...
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You you you hello this is Steve from chaotic thinking calm here today to explain how to fill out a postal form 2976 - a or a customs declaration in regards to sending to an overseas military member at a APO FPO address there's two variations of the form the larger one is the 2976 a and the smaller one is just the 2976 the smaller one is used for smaller items flat items or anything under four pounds so the object you're sending is over four pounds in weight then you need to use the larger one that you see here when you first pick the form up in the post office it has this cover sheet on it here with the instructions on how to fill out each section the smaller ones cover sheet looks like this the smaller one has a sticky adhesive here on the back and this would just be stuck to the package I'm not going to cover how to fill out this one because once you understand the other one it's the same thing applies to this one the larger form the - a it goes into a 2976 - e which is just a clear envelope and the postal worker when they are processing your package they'll actually put it in the envelope and stick it and I hear it - your package for you as previously mentioned the instructions for filling out each block is on the cover sheet but in order to assist in filling out the entire form let's go ahead and take a look at an example address once you understand the address then it all kind of makes sense this should be similar to the address that you have with the first and last name and you probably have two lines for the unit designator here and then you have your final your APO and your zipcode line first and last name you might have a rank but I've been instructed not to include the rank for security reasons so you may want to omit the rank when you're sending to someone as far as APO you probably have three different variations that you can have you can have APO FPO or DPO depending on who you speak with and what branch they're in is what they'll actually say APO stands for it can mean Army post office airforce post office fpou would be fleet post office for Navy Marine Corps Coast Guard and I'm not sure that DP o stands for AE and you there's three possibilities that this can be the can be a e a a or a P AE stands for Armed Forces Europe a a stands for Armed Forces America and a P stands for Armed Forces Pacific AE being Armed Forces Europe would be anybody in Europe or the Middle East Armed Forces America would be Central and South America and ap be any Asian country Pacific location the zip code is broken down even further not that we would be able to understand but for the Postal Service to at least understand the the first two designators the first two numbers designate which side of the country that the package goes to for example AE packages get sent to New York and from there they get put on military transport and sent to where they need to go they should go to San Diego I'd imagine the third number and then the last two numbers are further...